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Hi ya! Prajun is a freak who is very interested in a passive earning activities and concerned to do something with an uncertain outcome. From this perspective I have come up with this blog idea that shows great knowledge to the viewers regarding online earning & tech info. I ain’t no professional writer but doing best to give awesome content to viewers. I will help you make money online based on my own experience and experiments. There will be no fluff or BS, this is how things work here.

Prajun Maharjan


Prajun is a Nepal based blogger and founder of elitexplore who makes a living on internet. He blogs about the passive income & online earning related topics to help other find the passive earning sources.
Personality — Introvert

Anyone can easily find me on social sites but I like to keep my privacy so I won’t disclose my private details. Yet you can look out Elitexplore in YouTube and Pinterest.

Elitexplore.com is all about sharing information related to online earning sites, apps and programs. I do learn about new stuff through internet and like to share correct and legit info with you guys. Elitexplore only suggest applications and online service that are legit and has shown payment proof, so help yourself to get the best choices. Let’s grow together.

I enjoy sharing contents which I’m aware of and did my best to give correct information. In spite of that, in time if anything goes wrong then please do inform the mistake. If you have more information on a certain topic then let me know as well. Let’s help each other to grow. Please be aware, some apps and online programs might stop their services or turn into scam in future.

You can put in some minute on my content that would be well worth your time. I give my best to provide right information that will help you get what you need from content. See yaa 🙂

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