Android Apps That Pay You Real Money To Receive SMS

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On today’s date there are thousands of earning apps you can find on the playstore but the problem is there are very few legit money making android apps that pay you real money. So I wanna share those apps that pay you real money just to receive text messages. The best part of these apps is you do not have to work at all. These apps allow you to make money online automatically by receiving SMS generated by their system.

Personally, I’m making money from these android apps just to receive sms daily. If you are thinking of earning 100 to 1000 dollar per month then it’s not gonna happen. They send sms as a test for which you receive a small amount. 

The apps work worldwide so there is no restriction in running these apps or getting paid. All you need is android phone and internet connection to run these apps. If you have both then you’re good to start earning.

Here are the 4 android apps that pay you real money to receive sms. I recommend you to run all these apps so that you can earn more money. You can install these apps in many devices as you want, you can install these in the phone of every member of your family. Let’s start with details.


Money SMS (Android apps that pay you real money)

You just need to download and install apk from it’s official website. Then register and keep the app & run internet connection on your android device. You will get 0.02 Euro per SMS. While registration you can use the code 8E50C7B3E2C to receive 0.25 Euro bonus.

Money SMS has a referral program where you can refer to your friends and earn 30% from their earnings.  If you want to keep on getting SMS you must always keep the app running. You can see in image – if you refer to more people you can earn more money from referral system than receiving SMS. So more refer means more money. In case you didn’t receive sms for week , don’t be downhearted cause you might just get huge SMS in a single day.

Android Apps That Pay You Real Money To Receive SMS

You can withdraw an amount once the balance reaches 2 Euro. If you have seen the image in the above picture, you can see payment is done through skrill but now that payment method has been removed. You can withdraw amounts from Paypal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and WebMoney. Though I really doubt for Ethereum to receive payment. I tried once from ethereum but they had problem to send the payment so they told to use another payment method. You will receive payment much sooner through Paypal.

Learn more about Money SMS

SMS Profit (Android apps that pay you real money)

The process of download and installation is the same as Money SMS but unlike Money SMS you can use a dual sim which helps to earn more money and withdrawal gets more quicker. 

I personally love this app more than other 2 apps. SMS Profit pays money in US dollars through Paypal and Bitcoin. The minimum amount to withdraw is $2. After a registration you will automatically receive $0.5 as a reward. 

Once you reach the minimum balance of $2 you can withdraw from Paypal but to withdraw from Bitcoin you need a minimum $10. As you can see in the image they pay $0.02 and send SMS everyday. $4.60 was paid on Paypal and $10.86 was paid through bitcoin. Unlike Money SMS , SMS Profit cut small fee as I received $4.57 for $4.60. You can contact them at if you have questions which is not written in FAQ.

Learn more about SMS Profit

McMoney (Android apps that pay you real money)

Same as above apps McMoney pays users to receive text messages on mobile phones. In comparison to Money SMS and SMS Profit it pays lesser amount plus it has less features. McMoney pays $0.01 per SMS. Even though it pays less, you can withdraw an amount once it reaches $1. It only has Paypal as a payment method. You can check the SMS sent from McMoney in the app itself.

Android Apps That Pay You Real Money To Receive SMS

You can use a referral program to earn extra money. Give your friend a referral code which they can enter during registration. Both of you will receive bonus amounts. You can use my code while registration to get bonus – QGRKPRNU

Learn more about McMoney


Just like any other application above you get paid for receiving SMS. Telintel is the company that is behind this app, they developed a testing network to verify either the SMS are reaching to the users. They are looking for a partners in each country to serve as testing node.

If you want to earn money from ControlMySMS, install the application on your android phone. Open and run it in background, no need to worry of your device performance, it won’t affect in your daily use. You will receive your payment on first week of every month automatically. All you need to do is give your payment details and submit.

App doesn’t have much requirement, what you need is Android Phone, internet connection (wifi/mobile data) and sim card. You will receive $0.12 per SMS for first 50 SMS, whereas you get $0.06 from 51 to 100 SMS and above 100 SMS you will receive $0.02.

Learn more about ControlMySMS

Why do we get paid for just receiving SMS?

Reason behind this is to ensure the proper delivery of SMS sent to foreign countries are working or not by SMS providers and Network Operators. They pay users because they use mobile numbers to do testing.

Should we keep text message? If you wanna know how long I should keep the sms then there’s no need to worry because you can delete it immediately once you receive it. 

Do Not Download From Playstore

Android Apps That Pay You Real Money To Receive SMS

The reason behind not downloading the app from playstore is the demo version. Yes, the app you see in playstore is just a demo version of the apps. So the ratings are not that great. Google Play’s strict policies don’t allow a full version of apk. I recommend you to download the apps from their official website. 

How to solve problems?

Android Apps That Pay You Real Money To Receive SMS

If you have problems related to payment/technical issues or want to know anything regarding apps you can check their FAQ. In case of a problem not solved you can contact them as well, they will definitely reply to you and solve problems. You can get in contact with Money SMS from the link (CLICK ME).  In SMS Profit just click help and contact them through mail. It’s the same to McMoney, just go to help and click contact support.

Why is my country not listed if it’s available worldwide?

While registering if you can’t find your country then it means they got enough users from your country for testing. Though the country will be shown once they need new users again. 


So these are the android apps that pay you real money to receive sms. I hope everyone who checked this article liked it and if you do not understand or have questions then please do ask me in the comment section.

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