AppOptix – Earn Rewards To Join Mobile Research Panel

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What is AppOptix?

AppOptix is a research program, a number one industry research firm that is independent. AppOptix is your possibility to supply feedback that is valuable improve the customer experience in smartphones. As a panel user, you will be joining a group that is select of to share your mobile experience via the AppOptix application which will reside on your smartphone. Panel members qualify for benefits and the status can be examined by you of one’s benefits directly from your application. Who runs AppOptix? Strategy Analytics Inc. is the service provider that runs the app. Visit website for more info.

Sign up, it’s totally passive! Get from Google Play Store

What it takes to earn from AppOptix

AppOptix runs in Android 6.0 and higher device. App requires United States cellular service, else you won’t collect points (app for US only). Reward is available in Amazon Gift Card only. You need approval from the app before you get to earn. Exclusively only approved panel users will be qualified to successfully run the application. Members are actually authorized to have a sole account with single mobile device registered to it. Each phone can only be qualified to one account

How to becoming a member of group:
Phase 1: Download the application from the Google Play Store
Phase 2: submit your e-mail address and execute the set up process which involves turning on authorizations
Phase 3: after acceptance, you will most likely get an email and you can easily check the rewards straight from the app.

Payment Proof of AppOptix

AppOptix payment proof

Every week you get 25 points, once you hit 300 points (6 weeks), AppOptix will most likely deliver your $10 Amazon gift card successfully to the email you signed up with AppOptix within just 72 hours.

Main problem with the app is bug issue, even though app is legit due to problems in app and lack of customer service, users are not liking the service. Hope problems to be solved and keep the app running smoothly.

Make use of this unique application to get a bit of extra money, which is absolutely passive. Truth be told, there is no referral program, all you need to do is simply sign up for it and load into your phone and be done with it. There is certainly no any sort of battery drain from running the application. JUST AS SAID BEFORE – APP IS FOR US RESIDENTS ONLY.

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