Avee Music Player – How to Make Audio Visualizers

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Avee Music Player is an application for windows and android; used for playing music and making video from audio. If you’re trying to create audio visualizer through After Effect but difficult to create one, avee player is the best aternative for you. Unlike After Effect, you do not have to start from base, simply use templates and change color, image & other settings according your needs.

I recommend you to have Avee Music Player in you PC to create videos as rendering is much faster through computer than android device.

Download Avee Music Player

avee music player

How to Make Audio Visualizers
Download then install the program; Here I would like to show you through Windows PC. Lunch the program.

You would see no music at first, need to add folders of music to listen and to make audio visualizers. Click on the folder icon then to Add Folder. Select the folder with music so you can play & visualize music.

Furthermore, to make a audio visualizers just click on the image icon or click on the option menu and then Visualizer.

Avee provides 18 templates to choose for your music visualizer by default. You can also load the templates and create awesome music video. Click on the square box icon to choose the templates.

Moreover you can edit the final composition settings like image & audio effects. Apart from this you can also hide the app logo so its your choice to make the app logo visible. You can export to video file once the editing part is compete. File can be export in 480p, 720p and 1080p. Wait sometime and converting into video will be completed. Now you will be able to make a audio visualizer within few minutes.

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