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by | Oct 2, 2020 | Make Money Online

What is a Podcast? Which is the best podcast hosting platform? So the digital audio version file of the video which can be related to the interview in the episodic series is a podcast. There are lots of categories of podcasts which could be Poetry, digital marketing, personal development, business, technology, motivation, and many more to go. There are lots of podcasts hosting platform but nothing in comparison to Anchor.

Anchor is the best podcast hosting service provider; it is not only free but also allows you to earn money from your podcast. Of course, there are other hosting services but not for free, you will get the trail but has to pay the price.

Anchor is a part of Spotify that makes it easy to make and distribute a podcast. Everything is free of cost, you can create, host, distribute, grow audience, and monetize your episodes. You can do all from your phone or tablet, for free.

Features of Anchor

  • Easy to Use Creation Tools
  • 100% Free Hosting – No monthly fee or trial period
  • Get Paid to Podcast
  • Easy to Distribute Podcast
  • Straightforward analytics

Download Anchor

If you want to start your own podcast you should download this free app. Anchor app is available for both Android and Apple.

How To Create A Podcast

  1. Open the account from here, or from the app
  2. Record your Podcast
  3. Publish your podcast

How To Earn From Anchor

It should be noted that payout is available in the US only and will be extended to more countries in the future. It doesn’t mean you can’t use the app, Anchor is for everyone. You must be eligible to monetize and get paid. If you are eligible you will see the Money option in the dashboard.

Anchor Sponsorships is how you get paid; anchor will find you a Sponsorship for your content so you can make money when people listen to your podcast.

How sponsorship works? You need to activate the sponsorships, record the message with your own voice so whenever the ad message is heard you will be paid.

Fill the form (Click Here) of Monetization Region Request so when they launch in your region, they will let you know. Moreover, if you fill the form it increases the possibility when a number of people are using Anchor from your region.

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