Top 3 Best Web Browser For PC To Earn Money

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Have you ever thought you could earn money just for running browser? Time has come to say bye bye to your normal browser and start using web browser which gives you cash. When it comes to best web browsers you must have seen google chrome on top of the list along with other web browsers like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi and many more. Though in this blog we won’t be talking on those web browser cause non of those browsers are part of earning money. You’re gonna see top 3 best web Browser For PC To Earn Money in this blog post.

If you download browser and start earning money, you won’t get dollar currency directly in your pocket. First your earning will be in crypto coin or token. These browsers are crypto based, so it will come in the favor of crypto users. In order to get dollar you need to exchange those coins in flat coins(usd/euro).

Take a look and see which web browser is really worth for you. These money making browsers have their own specialty and different way of earning. So let’s dig in to these browsing software.

Netbox (Browser For PC To Earn Money)

Netbox is the first-ever decentralized blockchain-backed web browser that pays users to surf. It is totally free to download just like other browsers but you get a reward for using the software. The symbols that are used to represent Netbox is NBX. The whole architecture of the Netbox browser was to provide rewards to the active Netbox Browser users. So more users be active in netbox means more fast and stable Netbox chain.

Top 3 Best Web Browser For PC To Earn Money

Installation of Netbox

Hurry up! Install Netbox browser soon as you can cause you have a chance to get 20 NBX Coin just for installing in your device but the offer is limited as only 125,000 first browser users will receive those reward.

Once you complete the installation and create account, you can surf the internet as you like. You can browse the internet and as you spend more time in Netbox Browser you get Netbox coins accordingly. The more time you spend on browser the more you earn.

Staking Pool feature of Netbox

You can stake in Netbox browser if you got balance in your account which means you can earn more NBX coin. As it is not just a browser, you also get reward for participating in blockchain infrastructure. It simply means, you can transfer your balance to the staking pool that allow blockchain to generate new blocks. The staking rewards are provided for your support that will be transfered into your main wallet. If you are not interested in staking anymore then netbox allow you to unstake any time. Netbox won’t hold your nbx coin in staking pool at all unlike other staking companies.

Browser For PC To Earn Money

Wallet and Referral Program

Netbox has it’s own wallet with-in the browser so everything gets more easier to store, stake, send and receive coin. Netbox is one of the best web browser for PC to earn money. This browser also have Referral program where you can invite friends and get bonus coin. If user joins the netbox through your referral link and create Wallet, then each of you will receive 1 NBX. After the first month of using the Netbox Browser, each of you receive 9 NBX. Things to know – Referral Program links are one-off which means one link is for one person only so won’t be able to use same link for large group. In case you have audience, then you can ask for unlimited referral link. You can email at

Investment in Netbox

You can invest in the Netbox as well which is known as OTC program for investors. Using this program investors can get up to 36% bonus. The minimum order to invest in this program is $1500. You can check the OTC program page here.

How To Withdraw Netbox Coin

Once you reach the minimum balance that can be deposited to exchange platform you can withdraw it. There are three exchange wallet to deposite your nbx coin – STEX, Crex24 and P2PB2B. I recommend you to go with STEX as volume of nbx is high in stex exchange. Minimum balance to deposite in STEX is 0.01 NBX.

Browser For PC To Earn Money

You have to exchange NBX Coin with Bitcoin or Ethereum from trade section. From there you can convert to USD. In case of mine, I exchange NBX with Ethereum. Then withdraw ethereum to payeer wallet and then convert it with USD.

CryptoTab (Browser For PC To Earn Money)

CryptoTab browser has a chrome based browsing experience. It is the world’s first browser that has built-in mining feature. You can earn bitcoin from this browser just for mining your computer. Using this browser just for visiting sites, watching videos, and working online increase in earning. You can start mining and do other stuff as well but won’t do well if user is not active with browser. You can synchronize everything from other device and import data from other browser as well. CryptoTab is more faster, secured and profitable than other normal browser. Isn’t it great to have a browser that pays money just to use browser for your own good?

As this browsing software is developed specifically for Bitcoin mining, it also allow users to participate in their referral program. Yes, so just like other earning browser CryptoTab do have that features where you can invite friends and increase your earning.

Download Now to start running this browser. Once you install, you can sign in with your Google Account. It allow users to import all the settings as it can import everything from your current default browser. You can also use facebook, Twitter or VK after installation to authorize right incase you don’t wanna use google account.

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Top 3 Best Web Browser For PC To Earn Money

Once the installation and account is created, you can start mining. You can mine as long as you keep the browser open and also keep the mining mode on. You can change the mining speed , so you can change from off , medium or go full maximum. So if you are not interested in mining then you can just stop.

Withdraw from CryptoTab Browser

Currently, Bitcoin is the only way to withdraw money. Bitcoin is the most valuable and leading crypto-currency so they pay through bitcoin. So if you do not have bitcoin wallet, go create one from here.

User will be able to withdraw once they reach the minimum amount of 0.00001 BTC. Just use your bitcoin address receive the amount. Use referral program to increase your earning. This browser is available in mobile too but free version do not have mining option so you need paid app to do so which is around $2.73.

Brave Browser (Browser For PC To Earn Money)

Brave browser is one of the most secured and good earning browser for PC. It is available in Windows, macOS, Linux and android as well. It has many cool features that make this browser special. User receive their earning in BAT which means Basic Attention Token.

Basically, you receive money just for viewing brave ads from the browser. If you are content creator, then this browser will come in handy. Users can give tip to their content creators on different sites that includes Twitter, Reddit and GitHub.

The most awesome feature in the browser is, it has a built-in ad blocker that prevents from tracking and provides security protection. So it automatically blocks ads and load the site faster than other normal browser.

How to withdraw money from brave browser?
To withdraw money from brave browser you’re gonna need uphold account and it should be verified to receive money. While verifying you might face problem cause you need to show passport, id card or some specific card according to country. Country that has only passport for verification and if you’re not the traveler or just do not have passport then there’s the problem you might face. Once the verification is complete, you will be good to withdraw. You can send the amount to your bank account from Uphold or just send to other crypto-currency as you like.

Brave ads are not available in all countries yet. Check out the countries that are available. Other part of the countries can also earn through content creator.

From the content creator, users can use the referral link to refer the browser to friends. For that just go to this link – Publishers. To download brave browser click here.


So these were the top 3 best web browser for PC To Earn Money. I hope everyone who checked this post liked it and if you have any questions then do ask me in the comment section.

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