BIGtoken Cash App – Get Paid For Your Data

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Make Money Online

What is BIGtoken

BIGtoken is a free earning app that pays you for your data. It is a platform where you can claim the value of your data; share your data with those you want to sell. It gives you full control over your data and lets you decide what kind of data you want to share, who can buy and use those data.

Whenever the data is obtained by the buyers you get a reward. In the app, you can make friends by joining teams which also helps to get more points.

Do you know, every single day the sites you visit like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google; they collect data on what you are searching for and some other stuff except your personal information like your email or password. The companies sell your data to earn money but you get nothing for your information. Therefore, with BIGtoken they collect that information and then you get paid for the data you made.


How Do You Earn BIGtoken Points

First, you receive BIGtoken points which are later to be exchanged into real rewards. Here in this app, you can earn the points by sharing your data, referring the app with others, and build your network, join or create a team to earn bonus points.

You also get a reward for completing the survey questions and share your opinions, connect social networks like FB and twitter, and Scan receipts of your purchases. Complete the app task then get the rewards from the app. Some of these earning features are available in the US only.

How Does App Work

The first step is to download the app then sign up from the app or web. The second step is to share your data and earn points also go with other options to earn. The third step is to manage your data and decide what kind of data to keep for sale. The last step is to exchange your point for real money and then withdraw.

Rewards Related Information

BIGtoken Cash App - Get Paid For Your Data

You can get your BIGtoken rewards through PayPal cash or Gift cards. You can also do charitable/donations through the app. They send rewards once a season so think before cashing out money soon. You won’t make lots of money from this app; 800 dollars a year, that’s the highest amount you can earn from the app. Do not try to cheat the system else you won’t receive money. They will send you a payment approval email then once they check it. Users from the US can earn more than other countries as some features work only in the US. Yet anyone can join worldwide as long as you have a PayPal account.

How Can I Delete My BIGtoken Account

Everything is within your own control so if you wish to delete your BIGtoken account, you can do it. To delete the account go to My Profile and remove the account permanently.

However, if you do not wanna sell your data for some time then you can turn off the Data Monetization option from the Manage Account section. These things are easy to be done as BIGtoken has made it simple to its users.

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