Cash4SMS – Get Reward For Selling Unused SMS

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Make Money Online

Cash4SMS is an android app similar to SIMCash which gives you passive income for selling your unused SMS. You might not earn thousands of euro but it will provide you few extra income like monthy 45 euro if it is used daily. Just make it sure that you do have a unlimited text messages in your mobile plan.

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How To Download Cash4SMS App

  1. Go to (Link) or download from playstore
  2. Click on INSTALL THE APP
  3. Install the apk in your device
  4. Remember to select ‘Download from unknown source’ in your device settings.

Remember: Click on Read & check the things written before downloading the app in site.

Best part of this app is it’s available worldwide, payment is made through Paypal and it completely passive earning. This app sends message to Europe so if your mobile plan does not have free SMS internationally (Europe) then Cash4SMS is not for you.

To start earning first open the app and enter your mobile number and validate your number and set the number of message to start selling.

Best thing about this app is you can choose how much you wanna earn. Always check how much free sms do you have and keep the number of sms accordingly in the app. Do not use all the sms keep some for your personal use as well.

You can request for withdraw in paypal once the balance reach 5 euro. Make sure you enter the name correctly in the registration that match with paypal else you won’t be able to withdraw amount. Cash4SMS currently works on all the android OS above 5.0 version though it is not available for iPhone device.

Why it’s showing service unavailable?
Even though the app service is available worldwide still some mobile operator is not working so while checking access it shows service unavailable.

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