Download Songs From Deezer To MP3 For PC and Android

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If you are someone who wants to know the easiest way to download songs on your device, this is what you need (scroll & see). Moreover, if you come from a place where Deezer is not so familiar, google it to know more. I would simply recommend you to create an account so to download songs from Deezer. There are many posts/articles related to Deezer to mp3 convert but many are bullshit, they just want you to spend money on apps even online converter are useless.

It is free to download songs from Deezer with the help of an external app. Here I want to share the solution to download songs without wasting time in search of music. Before stepping into the application you should know how to get UserToken, indeed it’s important to download music.

Find Deezer UserToken/ARL

Now you must be thinking what is UserToken/ARL and why do we need it, right? So in order to download songs from Deezer to MP3 from any application (android & PC), ARL is required which is 192 chars long.

How to find it? You need a computer for this purpose and you must have a Deezer account. Let’s take you step by step …

  1. Login to your Deezer Account
  2. Open Inspect or press Ctrl+Shift+I (Shortcut)
  3. Click the Application Tab then to the cookies from the storage section
  4. Within Cookies, you find the website link (click it)
  5. Search for ARL
    Inspect > Application > Cookies > > ARL
  6. Copy the value of ARL(192 chars)

Download Songs From Deezer to MP3


The AIDS app lets you explore and download any songs at the highest quality available. The songs are downloaded with the best standard of album artwork/cover pic. The developer of AIDS has stopped working on the app so V1.058 is the final version of AIDS. AIDS app is available for Android only.

You won’t get much information on the app as the telegram channel of AIDS has been removed on the DMCA notice of Deezer. All the updates were released on the channel so basically, there won’t be any new info from the creator. Even though the official channel is gone, the app is still here and working. Unless Deezer makes some changes in their security, the app will continue working. If the app is removed from the cloud storage try to use the alternative or comment below for the solution.

Moreover, within the app you can search for a song, you get a preview option along with view album and download all tracks. It allows you to download multiple songs in a single click. Besides you can change the download path, song quality, artwork resolution & many more.


Freezer app is something more than just a Deezer song downloader. It is a free music streaming app that uses Deezer as a backend. Furthermore, the app does contain bugs as the Freezer is still in the beta version. Whereas many features are still in development and yet to be added in the future updates.

Freezer app is built-in according to CPU Architecture so the app is available in arm32 and arm64. If you wanna know your device info then install
Droid Hardware Info from the play store. You can just try both and see which will be installed. Its interface and app feature is a lot better compared to AIDS and Deezloader Remix.

Download Freezer from the official telegram channel (Freezer Releases) where you will receive all the release information from downloading the app to new updates in-app. Go to the channel and download the latest version of APK. Freezer is available for android and PC platforms(Windows and Linux). Incase didn’t find then search with .exe and .appimage, you won’t need any other music streaming app.

Freezer is at the next level, it not only download songs from Deezer but also can be used as a player similar to any music streaming app like Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, or Deezer itself. It also got a lyrics option so if you wish to sing along while listening, you must have this app.

If you’re a Spotify user, you can import your playlist from Spotify to Freezer and play or download as you wish. On the other hand, it only supports 100 songs/tracks limit. All you need to do is paste the link of the Spotify playlist in the Import section of the library.

Freezer recently added a sleep timer in the app, which is damn good. You can keep a timer and sleep listening to music. Apart from this, you can change up to 18 languages also you get the option to choose the streaming and download quality. You can change the app theme from Light, Dark, Black Amoled & Deezer Dark. The best app you can have for music even so the app could face the same fate as AIDS in the future.


Deemix has evolved from the dead app name deezloader remix. Apart from this, Deemix is the python library that allows you to download songs and albums in the best quality of mp3 (128kbps & 320kbps) and FLAC(1411kbps). Download the app from the official website to enjoy music from your device. The app is only available for the PC platforms – Windows, Linux and macOS.

Have you looked up to the download page? Is it odd how to download the app? If it is troubling you then follow step by step. First, open the download page where you see links for all PC platforms. Click on the .zip file App to download the file. It will automatically start to download.

Once the download completes, extract the file into a new folder. Download WinRAR if you do not have software to extract the file. Search for the application then open the app. It does take some time to open the app so be patient. Still, no sign of app then looks for a ZIP file that has win64 written so do the same process.

Do paste the ARL value after the app opens. You can start downloading the songs, check for preview, change settings as you prefer, and lots of playlist choices on the home screen. You can search for music with names as well as through links. If you want to stay up to date with the updates join the telegram channel or subreddit.


There’s a reason to keep this app here, as said before this app is dead. Still the app can be useful and those who wants to give a try can install this app. It is actually available for all PC platforms and android.

PC platforms application has some problem with the app but android apk works fine so if you want to try, you can do so. Click here to download deezloader for all platforms. The problem we speak of is the UserToken not working so no arl then no downloads. Deezloader is already been replaced by Deemix so it’s just an old app to try.

How To Download Songs From The Apps

All the apps follows the same process to download the songs so here is the steps you need go through.

  1. Download > Install > Open the app
  2. Paste the ARL value in the settings (download won’t work without it)
  3. Change settings if necessary (optional)
  4. Search the songs
  5. Download and enjoy!

NOTE: Due to Copyrighted material issue links have been removed from the post. (Google the applications)

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