Earn From Links – How To Generate Income from Link Monetization

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Make Money Online

There are various strategies to earn money online, but did you know that you can genuinely monetize links & generate money? That’s right, you can legitimately earn from links & be paid. It’s essentially a few click activity & far to easy to generate income since everybody can do it.

In this blog post, I’m going to reveal with you the platform where you may earn money from links, even if you’re newbie. In short, if you want to monetize links & be paid, this blog post has got you covered. Just like Google AdSense for websites and YouTube monetization, this platform give such service to earn from links. Lets get to know more about this platform.

The title of this content itself demonstrates, what kind of service Linkvertise delivers. Linkvertise is a growing platform where many people monetize their content on the web as a publisher to generate passive income from links. This platform is highly authentic and trustworthy since firm is based in Germany that delivers monetization option for publishers.

Linkvertise is top platform without a doubt as it has become one of the highest paying and popular platforms all over the world. Such website might assist you earn money online doing easy stuff in minimal time. All that require is to make link and share in the social networks or group page.

Linkvertise Payment Method

The minimum payout amount is 10 USD and additionally publisher is permitted to withdraw the payment twice a month. PayPal, Cheque, and Bank/Wire Transfer are the payment option offered in Linkvertise.

There’s a certain amount that is reduced as a transaction fee which is 2 percent of the payout amount + 2 USD for PayPal. Join Linkvertise to discover more about wire transfers and cheque fees.

Payout duration per transaction

3 Days up to 100 $
15 Days from 100 – 1000 $
30 Days from 1000 $
If a payment is canceled for any reason, a 5 USD fee will be applied.

Linkvertise Payment Proof

Here’s a payment proof of Linkvertise as you can see in the image. Like as I indicated earlier, there’s a specific transaction cost a publisher has to endure while receiving the payment. The state section will show pending unless payment is checked. Do you believe now, everyone can earn from links too?

linkvertise payment proof

Linkvertise – Create Link

As of now, you know what Linkvertise is and its payment method and have seen payment proof as well, Are you ready to join the platform to earn money online? Let’s move on to create link in Linkvertise.

Create your Publisher Account so you can monetize links which will take you to your dashboard. Once you click on Create Link you have to choose the destination to which your visitors will be forwarded after completing all advertising procedures.

Next step you may set a link description to reach visitors through the Linkvertise and Google search engine. Describe your related content as carefully as possible using keywords. This can help users discover your content easily. If you are not interested in writing description you may just insert the short link title and turn off description.

This following step will determine your earnings since you have to specify which advertising actions your users need to complete to obtain access for the associated content. Your earning potential depend on your particular selection of advertising procedures.

Now publisher can share the link in the groups/community to earn from links. You can also share your profile so others can explore all of your content.

Features of Linkvertise

Besides payment twice a month, there are some other good things about linkvertise which you will see in the navigation section. Affiliate Program is one of the features  you would love to have it to increase your linkvertise income. Refer new Customers and receive 5% of their incomes. How much the recruited user earns, no matter how long that user generates revenue through Linkvertise Links, you will always receive your commission. You will also get advertising materials in the website to share with others.

There is a support section where you can find the solution to your problem within the website. Incase you don’t find any solution, you can send message and wait for their reply. 

earn from links

The next feature is only for those who got websites so if you are interested to monetize your entire website, this is it. You can activate full script API to automatically convert all external links on your website into linkvertise links and thus ensures high revenues. 

In the setting section, you can change the profile display name for links and also change the currency. Once linkvertise sees you as a genuine person you will see – New account state: Trusted User – Your account has been verified in your dashboard.

Linkvertise  – Things to Avoid to Earn From Links

There are a few things that could lead to account violations that you must avoid. Even the violation in a single link can lead to action against your entire account so be careful. In most cases, violations of policies reserve the right to reclassify your account in which ads will reduced in your content.

Some of the serious violation to avoid are not to link any content related to adult, bullying, hate speech, illegal drugs, malware or adware content. Moreover, you can not link to any copyright content like music or movie nor allowed to link Linkvertise links into each other creating loop traffic. 

On the other hand, click on your own Linkvertise links or use other methods to falsely boost the number of visitors will be act of violations. It is prohibited to use any kind of bots, Pay-to-Click, Pay-to-Surf, Autosurf or Click-Exchange programs. Your linkvertise account will be deactivated as a result of these violations, and you will be unable to withdraw your money.

Why you should choose Linkvertise?

Of course in the name of a URL shortener, there are many websites providing services to earn from links but why choose Linkvertise… you will know here.

Unlike Linkvertise you won’t get any choices to choose the types of advertisement in other services. Linkvertise offers customizable advertising settings, as well as no adult or fake ads so users can feel safe. If you work enthusiastically you can earn 100 or even 1000 USD from this platform. It is easier for both publishers and viewers to be connected through Linkvertise. This platform has one of the highest payout rates among other URL shorteners. Their publisher chat assistance is unrivaled.

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