Earn Money by Solving Maths Problems – Math Cash App

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Make Money Online

You can earn money by solving maths problems, can you believe it? As time moves on earning apps are keep on growing but is it legit to be used as there are lots of scam app on earning in the play store. Is this math cash app just made for scams or wasting time within the app? You will know if it is worth running the app that lets users earn money by solving maths problems.

About Math Cash App

What is Math Cash App? It is an app available for android devices only. The app is developed by Phil Techie for those who want to solve math expressions, improve Math skills, aim to solve the Math faster. On the other hand, you can earn money by solving Maths problems which give motivation & excitement to try.

So how the app really works; login with your Gmail account then you will get free 150 points and 15 tickets. Before competing with others you can do a practice which won’t require any tickets.

Earn Money by Solving Maths Problems – Math Cash App

Math Duels

There are various ways to earn from the math cash app. The first one is Math Duels in which you face off with other players to a math battle. The fastest person who can solve all problems will win the game. The game has it’s time limit and solves the problem related to addition, subtraction, division, and a mixture of all.

Guess and Win

Next is Guess and Win; in this game, you need to find out the secret number between 0 and 999999. If you’re able to win, as a reward you receive 3000 points ($3). Only with luck, you might be able to win this else it’s impossible. You get 10 chances to win the game also get a hint after each attempt.

Surveys & Sponsors Task

You can increase your earning by completing simple tasks like surveys and installing apps from math cash sponsors. What are you waiting for? Come join the app and start collecting points.

Referral Program

Get 10 tickets free from your direct referral. You can also get a 10% commission for every 50 points your 1st level referral has accumulated & 5% from 2nd level. Here is the code 7Y56MU if you wish to use my referral.

Math Cash App Legit or Scam

Math Cash App is a legit paying app which you can trust as the app does send rewards. Apart from this, it is difficult to get points that can take time to reach minimum points to withdraw money.

How To Withdraw Money

Remember: Paypal is the only payment method to receive money
Enter your active paypal email address in the setup payment
Click on redeem points button then choose the redeem options to convert in real money. Minimum convert start with 5000 points which is equal to $5.

What Users Should Avoid

If you do not want your account to be terminated, see what you should not do:
1. Do not use VPN or proxies
2. Use of multiple devices in one account
3. Use of emulators, bots, or any kind of fake device
4. Any activity that can harm users or any of the partners connected to the app.

Is it worth it?

You got to try the app yourself to see if it is really worth it cause earning can be different from country to country. Moreover, only PayPal is available as a payment method, so PayPal unsupported countries can not use the app. It is not easy to make 5000 Points to withdraw but if you take it as a mental exercise the app can be worthful. If you take it as an earning source then I do not think this app is worth it for you. Take this app as a game and challenge, you will enjoy this app.

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