How To Earn Money from YouTube For Newbie

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Make Money Online, How To

Everybody knows YouTube as a video content platform which is part of Google Company. People come to YouTube to enjoy videos relatable to vlogs, music, podcast, and many more. Even though we spend lots of our time on YouTube not many would try or even think to earn money from YouTube itself. It could be one of your extra income sources, many creators even left their jobs to become a full-time YouTuber. The time is now to start your YouTube journey, it’s not like you will earn as you began to be YouTuber. This post is mostly for a newbie who has no idea on how to earn money from YouTube.

I want to earn money from YouTube, what should I do? First, you need to know what kind of content you want to show your audience in which you are capable to do. You can simply show your daily lifestyle, give a tutorial on a certain topic, show your talents, gaming, and many more. Once you are sure what you want to do, create a YouTube channel.

How to create a YouTube channel? Click on the settings and then create a new channel. Name your channel in Brand Account name which will be different from your personal account. You will get a separate channel within your account for personal and professional.

Start to create a video and upload it to your channel, share it with others so you get views and subscribers. As you keep on making videos, you will also receive more subscribers and views on your channel. Always upload the original content else you might receive a copyright strike. You could lose your channel if you get strike 3 times continuously. Be aware!

How long does it take to make money on YouTube? It is not the same for everyone, as your channel gets better and better your good. Indeed, it takes time but it all depends on how you built your channel. However, to be eligible to earn money from a YouTube channel you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours. Your channel will be reviewed after you complete the requirements. If your channel is clean & doesn’t affect by the YouTube monetization policies, your channel is ready to earn money from your youtube videos.

What YouTuber needs to create a video? Video editing software is most necessary. You can use adobe premiere pro, Vegas Pro, or iMovie for Mac; there’s much software to use for editing. Not only pc software but also through the mobile app you can edit the videos with the help of apps like KineMaster. You can search intro and outro templates for your videos according to the software you choose & make the video more professional.

Handbrake is another open-source software that you should have for uploading videos on YouTube. It helps to reduce the video size without losing quality and helps to upload videos faster.

Audacity is the audio editor which can be helpful for editing your audio to make audio smooth. You can reduce the background noise which makes the audio clear. This software is best for singers so do try it. If you don’t know how to use the software there are tutorials on youtube.

Being a YouTube you should have extension tools in your browser – TubeBuddy or Social Blade is a must to install. It helps the creator to see the tags used in the competitor’s videos. It helps you to craft the perfect title and tags for your videos indeed.

Keyword plays the major role to rank the video so choose the title wisely, fill the description do not leave it blank. Keyword with high search will bring more visitors to your videos.

As for security purposes, keep the 2-step verification enable to protect your channel from getting hacked or other problems. It will keep the account secured so do it soon.

How do I receive money from YouTube? You need an Adsense account once the monetization enables, the video starts receiving money and it is sent to the Adsense account every month till then you would see your amount on the youtube analytics.

Hope this helps you out to start your YouTube channel as a newbie and to earn money from YouTube. With the help of the tools and your ideas, you will be able to create awesome content.

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