Earn Money Listening To Music Apps – Get Paid To Be A Listener

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Here at Elitexplore, I like to share some desirable mobile applications which everybody wants to know – ways to earn money listening to music apps which is incredibly awesome, isn’t it? You may not be in the position to pick out your personal favorite music however you can select genre. In this world, absolutely everyone likes to listen to the music of their own taste, so why not get paid to be a listener. You can earn as long as you keep listening to music!

Ready to explore some apps? Here are the apps that pays…


It is possible to earn money listening to music apps and the Current app is the best in the game. It allows users to earn real rewards for the time they spend with the Current app. You get points for listening to music which you later convert to rewards. Along with listening to music, you get paid for charging your device, completing the offers, playing games, and watching videos. You will also earn few points if one completes the check-in streak also get bonus points by reaching daily goals.

Get paid to listen to free music from a different genre of radio stations. If you are someone who likes to play music while doing your work, it’s perfect for you. The Current App is available for both Android and iOS. Turn your daily habits into profit. You can spend your earned points on gift cards, physical products, and electronics, or donations to charities.

Earn Money Listening To Music Apps - Get Paid To Be A Listener

When it come’s to withdraw from PayPal, minimum amount you can receive payout is $1 where as maximum is $20. Yet, it might depend on countries as well on the number of rewards options. Why not signup for Current application and start earning money for listening to music?

Checkout Current to Learn More!

AA Music

AA Music is an application from which you can get some rewards for the time you spend on a music streaming platform listening to the playlist suggested by AA Music. It is easy to understand how AA Music functions, so you need music streaming apps like Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music. You won’t need all streaming apps but one, so once you download AA Music and create an account, choose the platform to play music. You can choose the genre you are interested in like Pop, Rock, Country, Rap, and many more. Ready to play the music? Click on the Open our Playlist in SPOTIFY button. Enjoy the music and earn points!

AA Music is available worldwide so anyone can install and start earning from app. Within the AA Music community, it is believed that users of Apple Music can earn more points than Spotify users but it also depends on the country and streaming service you choose. Countries like USA, Canada, Australia will receive more points than other countries.

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The only problem I find in this app is it will take 60 days to receive the payout which means if I request my payment in January then I will receive it only in April. You can withdraw payment only in PayPal and Amazon Gift Card. The minimum withdrawal amount for Amazon is 1 USD and 5 USD for PayPal.

Checkout AA Music to Learn More!

Cyber-FM – Earn CYFM Token

Cyber-FM is the application that rewards you in cryptocurrency just for listening to music/radio, it is owned subsidiary of DLPRO – Distributed Ledger Performance Rights Organization. Every month your coin will be deposited to your wallet where you can transfer to exchange. Every day when you listen to music, coins will be added to your application but deposited every once a month to CyberFM wallet. If you want to claim your CyberFM token, your gonna need wallets like Metamask or Trust Wallet. In order to transfer any type of erc20 tokens, which is a token run on the ethereum blockchain, you have to pay a gas fee.

In CyberFM you get to listen to live radio, news, and podcast. CyberFM app is like a checking account where you can see your CYFM token increase every day as you listen to music. Those token will move to CyberFM wallet which is the website of the CyberFM every 1st of every month. From the web wallet, you can transfer to erc20 wallets like Trust Wallet.

I believe it is good enough for erc20 token earners, common users won’t even have any clue how to get the money out from the app. It is a great application but only for crypto users. Remember you must have ethereum coin to pay the gas fee while transferring the token.

Checkout CyberFM to Learn More!(Available for Android and iOS)

These kinds of applications allow you to earn some side income for doing what you love to do so. You can definitely earn money listening to music apps so start from today and earn money. The application above is all legit and paying out to its users. If I have missed any other mobile application from which users can earn money listening to music then do comment down below. Notify me and other viewers too!

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