Earn Rewards From Browsing Apps For Surfing

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Here’s few amazing browsing application that allow users to earn rewards for surfing the internet. You will see 2 browsers that will give you some extra cash and gift cards. There are other browsers as well from which you can earn money. You can check those browsers as it is recommended down below. Recommended browsers are mostly crypto related but the browser show in this post are mostly paid in dollar or gift cards.

Recommended > Top 3 Best Web Browser For PC To Earn Money

Cocoon – MyData Rewards™

Earn Rewards From Browsing Apps For Surfing

This browser is kind of unknown application as many are not aware of such browser plus earning rewards are currently available for US only. It is the highest paying browser according to those who have used so far. Purpose of cocoon is that whatever you do online you can get some benefit from it selling your data. We users create data everyday running social networking sites, online shopping, surfing the internet so cocoon want users to get paid for such data.

You get paid for sharing your online data’s anonymously but that doesn’t have to be always. Users can turn it off the feature if they do not wanna share the information. You do not have to worry about your personal information, like email and passwords to be taken so if you are from US then give it a try and earn rewards for your data. Cocoon allow you to choose either get full privacy online or way to earn rewards on browsing data.

How to download Cocoon Browser
1. Go to website getcocoon.com
2. Click on Download
3. Choose Operating system (Windows or Mac) & click on it
4. Download Starts

You must sign-up and agree to the terms of service before or after the download. You can also get the browser from trycocoon.com. Cocoon do not make you rich but it provide some value back to you. You will receive your payment through Paypal so if you do not have paypal account then go create one to earn rewards.

Cocoon also have an affiliate program so you can earn even more than you normally do. You will get link which you can share with others and let them join Cocoon. You will get 5$ if they join through your link.

Things to Know:
1. Cocoon: MyData Rewards™ available for US only
2. Payment from Paypal

Earn Rewards From Browsing Apps For Surfing

How to increase earning? You need to continuously use the browser as the main default browser in daily basis, visit different sites mostly with high visited and advertised sites.

If you are outside of US & thinking of using VPN then that’s not gonna work. So do not even try it, you will just waste your time. If you want some more answers then check out their FAQ.

Fulldive – Earn Rewards

Unlike Cocoon, Fulldive is a mobile browser so if you are one of those who uses mobile rather than a PC then this is just for you. You can earn rewards just for spending time in browsing. If you are a news reader then this is a great app for you.

Moreover, Fulldive is available for both android and iPhone which is great. We do not see such earning apps for iPhone at all.

Download Fulldive App

Fulldive Website Final-06.png
Fulldive Website Final-07.png

So how do we earn rewards? Simple, just do what you do regularly that is browsing. Along with that you can read news, chat with friends within any web page. For all those activities within the browser you get Fulldive Coins (FDC). Those coins are used for getting rewards from the app.

Fulldive sends it’s rewards through gift cards or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin cash and Ethereum. You can even give it to the charity like Red Cross, UNICEF, WHO and World Vision.

In addition, Fulldive has other features as well like dark mode option and Ad block which are awesome to have within the browser itself. There are other offers to earn from so check once you download the app. Not only these features but also Fulldive has browser extension for chrome based browsers where you can chat with friends . Get chrome extension here.

Before downloading or using the app if you wanna know more then check the FAQ and clear your doubts.

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