Everything you need to know about Clipclaps App

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Make Money Online

Do you like a reward for watching funny clips? Clipclaps is an app where you can watch funny videos, play games, and get rewards for having fun within the app. The app is available for both Android and iOS plus it works worldwide, so better to install ASAP and start earning while having fun. Better not take it as a main income source, it pays but in a small amount. A little extra cash is always good rather than having nothing, right! The app is brought to you by GRAND CHANNEL ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED and can get in contact through email which is available in the app store. It is a great platform for content creators to showcase fun clips.

Is Clipclaps legit?

There are mixed reviews from the users; as there is payment proof that makes this app legit. Still, there’s been gossip on the app to be a scam in 2020. I have started using the Clipclaps app and see if it pays. The post will be updated once I receive the payment personally.

Ways to earn money with ClipClap

There’s not just one but so many ways to earn with clipclaps app. You will get clipcoins which will converted into cash for payout. Watch, vote, like and share the videos, play games like coin cat and aquarium, get clapcoin and cash from lucky spin & mega spin. Earn more from bouny task and inviting friends. You also get financial plan to increase your clapcoins.

How to withdraw money from clipclaps

Once you have enough balance you can withdraw money from PayPal or top-up prepaid mobile balance. Refilling amount on prepaid may vary depending on the currency exchange rate. Prepaid refilling might not be available for every country so PayPal is the only option for them.

You might face a problem with payments but that doesn’t mean it won’t pay out so be patient.


Clipclaps app payment proof

How to earn faster in clipclaps with dimond chest

You can invite friends and both of you can redeem cash rewards from ClipClaps. As much as you can invite, your balance will increase a lot, which makes it faster to withdraw payment. Join with my invitation code 6974555639 & enter the clipcode to redeem a prize.

How to delete/recover clipclaps account

If you no longer want to be part of clipclaps then you can delete your account. It can only be done through a customer service agent so if you wish to delete your account then email (support@clipclaps.zendesk.com).

As for account recovery, the process is the same as deleting an account which is through email. User must input the required information, which is the old phone number or Facebook associated with the lost account and the approximate time you lost the access. Users might receive emails to verify the identity of the user. Problems related to account login and registration are solved through email.

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