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by | Jan 24, 2021 | Make Money Online

Download the money making app from the official website; be careful not to download through google playstore (reason – demo version). App works on Android 5.1 and above so make sure you don’t have old android phones. What kind of work do I have to do in order to earn from this app? Answer is Nothing. Yes, you do not have to work or spend time in app at all. All you do is install the app, create the account and keep it running in the background. That’s it!

What’s the purpose of the smsprofit app and why would they pay for no work? The app is a sms testing services company. The purpose of SMSProfit is to send SMS test to find out either delivery of SMS from Mobile Network Operators are working or not. You get paid for letting your device to receive test SMS.

  • Earn $0.02 per SMS you receive
  • Earn more with dual sim
  • PayPal and BitCoin as Payment methods 
  • Same account can be use for different device to earn faster
  • Minimum amount to receive payout is $2 for PayPal and $10 for Bitcoin

Run the app in the background, always have a internet connected else received sms won’t be recorded and won’t receive money for that sms. So all you need is android phone with internet connection and keep the application running in the background. It is a passive money making app which is easy and free to use with no investment required plus you receive $0.5 for registration. It’s awesome!

As for the SMS you receive; it is not necessary to keep in your device, you can delete all the SMS received from the SMSPROFIT anytime you wish.

Incase you use the app and later do not like to run then you can simply delete your account from the app. You can’t use the account email either to login or register again in future.

The only problem with this app is it doesn’t have referral program like other earning apps. If you want or need any support from the SMSProfit then contact them through email –

Things you should know
It is not allowed to have more than one account with one PayPal address. You can use as many numbers and devices as you want with a single account, but not multiple accounts with one PayPal address. In such case except one account, all the account will be blocked.

I must say their customer support is great, they reply to your email very fast and thanks to their support team, I was able to solve the problem. I didn’t knew that users can not have multiple account with same PayPal address and it wasn’t in their FAQ as well so make sure you do not get into same situation. In case you got into same situation, don’t worry you will receive your payment before account block.

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