Earn Money Passively with Killi Application & Chrome Extension

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Make Money Online

Killi is truly a fabulous service that protects privacy plus earn profit from your personal data. It is a complete mixture of profit and privacy. Killi is currently available in the US, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and New Zealand only. Soon it will be available in more countries to be added in the future so stay informed. As the title of this post goes, Killi is a mobile app and chrome extension that allows making money passively. Apart from this, you can access the account from the web too.

Why not earn some money from your data while many companies use your data to get profit. Companies that sell data are getting your data for free so why not install the Killi app and let the data work for you while your surfing on the internet. There are three ways to earn from the Killi application which are to earns rewards, surveys, and referral programs. Android app users can earn some money watching the videos which is a plus feature for android users.

There are different options to get the reward so once you download the app you will get shopping rewards, profile rewards, browsing rewards, and location reward.

In the shopping rewards, you can connect your bank account (link credit/debit card) and earn rewards. Every time you use the card for purchases, you allow Killi to take the data of what you purchase. You will receive the payout on the weekly timetable. Once you set-up the card you will earn passively. Make sure you use your card else there won’t be any rewards.

In the Profile rewards, you just have to fill out all profile information and give them access to your profile data. Whereas in the location rewards, you have to share your device location then choose “allow all the time”. It might drain your battery if you turn on the location all the time so decide yourself.

Browsing rewards (Killi Chrome Extension)

Control your internet data with extension at the same time get rewarded from Killi. You also get an ad blocker within the extension also send you a notification on sites that has problems. You also get paid to give out your browsing history to Killi which is optional. If we’re receiving money then, of course, we would allow it. Yet it is not necessary to log in if you just want to use adblocker & get a notification on websites. Log-in is required only for earning.

Surveys and Refer a friend

Visit the app daily and get the rewards for your opinion though, for some of the opportunities, you have to be pre-qualified. There are guaranteed rewards that take less than 1 min.

You can earn up to $2.50 from the referral program, get $0.50 per friend that joins through your link. You can refer only up to 5 friends so share it and earn.

Redeem Money

The minimum cash out is $5 so it’s easy to withdraw money from the account combining from extension and app. Moreover, there are three ways to redeem your money – E-Gift Cards, Visa Gift Cards, and Charity donation.

Your account must be at least 30 days old to get paid for your data. Remember, you can only make one withdrawal request at a time, therefore it takes 3 days’ time to make the next withdraw. However, Amazon Gift Card is available for the US and Canada only but there are many other E-Gift Cards available for other countries too.

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