Make Money Online Typing Names

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Make Money Online

Are you good at creating names? People always look for the perfect names for their new business companies, brands, websites, books, and many more. Basically, if you can provide the best name for them (client) you will earn money. How does this works & are people really making money online typing names? So the answer to you is Squadhelp.

Squadhelp is a growing global company where you can make money online typing names, tagline, slogan, and creating logos designs. Every day people are earning more than $100 for a single name. Squadhelp is a very well established and fast-growing company.

Make Money Online Typing Names

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How to earn money from Squadhelp: Just Sign up and create an account but remember to join as a Creator. Following after account sign-up, click on the Contest then Active Contest – there you will find many requests for names just like image down below. You can filter the contest if necessary or looking for a specific topic. There will be many users submitting the names so you must be very good at creating names. You can also join in logo design if you have graphic designing knowledge. The competition in logo design is much lesser than in creating names.

Make Money Online Typing Names

Getting paid $300 for just a name is quite awesome, isn’t it? but can you earn that amount every day, answer to that is NO. You have to come up with top-notch names for every request to do so. You can see it is not very stable to earn so keep it aside income as you might not earn every day but when you earn you get big amounts just for names. It’s like a challenge to win the contest and why the name you submit is worth it.

Participating in Active contest is not the only way of earning, you can also earn through a referral program. You can earn $30 commission for every referred customers.

You might be thinking how do we receive a payout and what are the options. Squadhelp sends the money through Paypal or Payoneer. There is no restriction to any countries so feel free to sign-up.

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