Money SMS App: Why you are not receiving test SMS

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What’s up guys, so this post is helpful for the Money SMS users whose running the app and not getting SMS for long time. If this is your first time interacting with the application, Money SMS is a genuine money making app that let the user to earn money by receiving SMS. Get the app through the official website to earn passively. It is the program particularly for android mobile phone users.

Let’s come to the main topic, why are you not getting test SMS? Despite the fact that Money SMS send out text messages to the users on day-to-day schedule, but sad to say it is not possible to offer text SMS to everyone everyday. In order to provide better service to the users of Money SMS app, they have given importance to registered users mainly based on two main factors.

  1. Most recent members having the least number of received text message.
  2. Registered users who are continuously available for testing.
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In an effort towards enhancing your chances of receiving test messages, make sure that you continue to run the app all the time and always have a stable internet connection. If you have collected a considerable amount of text messages in the past, but now you’re not getting SMS for months then joining up with a fresh new SIM card can have a great favorable results on your very own chances of receiving more tests SMS.

You can contact Money SMS and ask them to transfer the balance from your old number to new registered number but only if you didn’t manage to reach out to the minimum cash out amount of two euro. Only in such scenario, they would transfer the money.

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So always keep your device internet connected and if old Money SMS app users are not receiving test SMS then consulting with the developer is the best option. Yet problem not solved then changing the SIM for app is the only option for old users. Check if you are using the newest app version in your device. You can submit a ticket (here) if you have questions/inquiry related to app.

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