Netbox Browser: Is there any benefit to install the browser in 2021

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Anyone who’s unaware of the Netbox browser, it is a decentralized blockchain
based browser that rewards the users with Netbox(nbx) coins to be active in browser. Here you will know either it is beneficial for you to install this Netbox browser in 2021 when there are many alternative web browsers that gives user a side income just for browsing internet.

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Value of Netbox Coin

You must have already known that it pays in Netbox coin in daily basis to your wallet. The current value of NBX is $0.05816 but price might go up and down with time. If you want to check the value of the coin while you are reading this post, visit

netbox coin market

Netbox coin was only available in single trading platform but now there’s an option for trading NBX coin. At this stage, Netbox coin can be trade on STEX, Crex24, Hotbit and Flits App. I used to withdraw and exchange with other coins in STEX platform but now I recommend Crex24 to trade NBX coin. Flits requires mobile devices and to run from computer, it needs to scan the QR code. I have not tried the app but features of app looks great. Try and see if it’s good for exchange.

Why choose Crex24?
Minimum withdrawal amount and fee is much lesser than STEX.
NBX coin can be trade with BTC, ETH and USDT in Crex24 whereas STEX allow trade with BTC and ETH while Hotbit only allow trade with BTC.

Ways to Get Netbox Coin

Surf Internet, as long as you choose Netbox browser to surf the internet, you will receive NBX coin. Download the browser and receive 20NBX for free. Do not withdraw the coins immediately, you can stake those coin and receive small amount of Netbox coin. Even if you do not browse the internet for some days, you will receive few coins in your wallet for staking your NBX coin. Referral program is another way to increase your Netbox coins, moreover playing online Games also increase your NBX. Therefore, browsing internet, staking balance, playing games and inviting your friends are the ways to earn Netbox coin. The amount of coins you get is all depends on you only.

Is it worth it?

It’s you who should know if the browser you choose is worth of your time, at least it is better than the normal chrome browser. I do not see Netbox browser to be best, there is Cryptotab, Cocoon and Brave which is better than Netbox when it comes to money you get in certain time. Cocoon and Brave browser is not available in all countries whereas Cryptotab browser can be used for mining bitcoin only using your CPU and GPU.

Netbox browser is available worldwide and available for both PC and mobile devices. Unlike other browsers, users do not have to watch any advertisements nor your computer will slow down. It works like any normal browser does, so do you wanna try the Netbox Browser? Click here to Download.

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