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What’s going on guys, elitexplore present you with passive incomes which can be online apps. we have application that is brand new this site called plinko master and yes i’m gonna say it before everybody goes hit my feedback hard saying – oh they do not pay, I am gonna be honest with you guys, you’re most likely never gonna hit the 100 mark for the paypal. fine guys i didn’t say it maybe you are never gonna hit the 100 mark for the paypal however it is an application that does pay so you can’t say. you can use it and you may get amazon gift cards away from this application with it alright guys i got my payment proof and the only reason why i even played with it absolutely was due to our buddy over on his youtube channel mr john fultz shout out mr john fultz if you play. thank you really much for providing payment proof for this application in the 1st place otherwise I would personally have never checked it out and where is your payment proof I am aware you’ve got some repayment proof in right here plinko master here we get it’s a cash to the plinko master out he’s got a payment evidence video in here that i had watched that got me. now john fultz he’s just another youtuber just he is doing reviews on paying applications as well as other things like myself he’s around and.

thank you john fultz for providing the repayment proof for this application that is particular no body would have ever understood it was legit. all right so master that is plinko is the application form floating around my that’s on on my screen at this time sorry um all you’re going to do within this application it’s really simple it is just a game that you are likely to play and you’re going to earn some points and you’re going to be able to cash those highlights for amazon gift codes. this 92.97 paypal value you may possibly as well simply ignore that, all guys which are right ignore it it’s it is not also real up here can be your points balance every time you touch the screen these balls ‘re going to fall and every time they touch these small points here it’s going to add to your point balance it’s literally that easy dudes. you’re simply touching the screen and you’re making these balls drop once you fall 30 balls you get hit up press the play button it will play an ad and and then you’ll get more balls. all right that’s all there was to this application i’m not gonna play the ad it is going to use up time that is too much this post.

So that’s all you’re going to do you will just press the screen you’re likely to drop those balls any 30 balls a video is watched by you and you get 30 more balls. um the matter that is first like to do though to maximize my points out of this application is right here it claims 1.5 times multiply. I love to go in here and watch a few advertisements to obtain my points balanced all the way up to three times and that means you’re gonna get three times the amount of points when their balls are dropping and hitting these point that is little. all right guys as i can up into this balance once that runs away because there is really a limit on how long you can do this so I love coming here hit that up first max out my points okay and then come down and start touching the screen and dropping the balls and gaining as many points.

all right dudes, once that section of the application runs out what i like to do is go up to here into spin and you can hit this up quite several times too and grab up a lot that is entire of points and now have a chance of possibly winning some money. all right guys but this app if youare going to focus on, this app in order to help make some cash you are planning to desire to pay attention to just collecting points and cashing out for the present that is amazon. all right guys I am going to show you the repayment evidence in order that’s pretty much all there is there’s a there’s a lotto that is daily know when you sign you can get get some lotto balls and possibly win 100 000 which i haven’t seen any winners of that yet most likely never ever will. all right guys just being honest you need to know become able to relax and play this game and start earning with you guys therefore let’s go let’s hit quick pick and quick pick submit okay good enough there’s my lotto that’s essentially all. these points up in your points palace you know notice how i’m purposely addressing up that paypal balance guys pretend it doesn’t even exist all right however you can gain these points and you’ll be able to come over here to the three bars you can touch on the three pubs you can drop to rewards and look up redeem that is top ammo amazon gift cards and that area is real. You shall receive money in the event that you redeem for amazon gift cards. All guys which are appropriate million points is gonna be two bucks, nine million points goes to be five dollars and fifteen million points would be ten dollars amazon or you could cash out to ten dollars paypal. it may differ by location though guys i’m in canada it may be different within the usa, it could vary far away. i don’t know myself with it and it does appear to be different, right guys when you have an experience!

delighted profits keep paying it forward, keep helping each other for free to make this money that is free. It generally is everywhere there’s no justification why we really should not be assisting each other with this information love y’all. see you fleetingly and let’s keep getting that cash guys.

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