3 Best Reward Apps That Are Paying in 2020

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Make Money Online

Reward apps that are paying in 2020 are getting difficult to find as many apps stopped paying to the users and those reward apps that still pay works specifically in some chosen countries only. The app that is shown below might take you a long time and gives you a small amount but these apps are legit and paying apps. Earnings might show a difference in earning because of geographical locations. Never try VPN to increase earning, it will only create problems.

Let’s check out the apps that continue to pay for using its service. It will get even more exciting if you are interested in the feature of the app.

Current – Play Music & Earn Reward

Current is a reward app that pays you just for listening to music. Isn’t it cool? who doesn’t love to listen to music, everybody likes to hear music right. Many of us like to listen to music while studying, exercising, working so why not earn some while doing other stuff.

Mostly reward apps are available only for the android device but no worry cause the Current app is available for both Android and iOS. If you wanna check out their website go to current.us and know more. You can use Google account, Facebook account, phone number, or e-mail to sign-up in the Current app.

Reward Apps That Are Paying

All you need to do is listen to the music for which you get points. When the points reach the minimum amount to withdraw, you can use those points to get gift cards of your choice. You also get bonus rewards for Lockscreen and Daily Usage. The more you play music the more you earn points so listen to your favorite songs on the radio station and enjoy it.

Gift cards available in the Current app are PayPal, Uber, Google Play, Amazon, Adidas, Walmart, & many more.

Warning: Do not use VPN, multiple IDs for one device, or any other ways to gain illegal access to the app.

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WowApp – Earn. Share. Do Good

WowApp is one of those reward apps which has been in business for a very long time and still going on. WowApp reward is paid in WOW coins which are later converted into real cash at the time of withdrawal. WowApp is available for both Android & iOS. Apart from this, it is also available for Windows and Mac computers.

There is more than one way to earn money from WowApp. You can earn just watching videos, installing the app & completing the activities within the app and giving opinions in available surveys. Apart from this, you can earn from the lock screen of a mobile device. When you unlock or open the mobile you earn. Moreover, you can earn wow coin just chatting, reading news, making free calls, video calls, sharing files, and much more.

Payment Method to cash out the earning are Bank Account, PayPal, Credit Card, and Top-up Prepaid Mobile Phone. Earning can be donated to the charity of your choice. In addition, you can use your earnings within the app in StoreCredit or in WowCredit. Important – All earnings are on-hold for 60 days. It means today’s earning can be withdrawn only after 60 days.

BuzzBreak – Earn Free Cash Reading News

BuzzBreak app is a news reading mobile application for which you get points and earn real cash. That’s really cool to earn while reading news isn’t it, so you get to know what is going on and get cash as well. Currently, the BuzzBreak app is available for Android devices only but soon we might get to see for the iOS devices as well.

reward apps

There are three ways to get points; first would be claiming points for reading but users can only get the points up to 50 times in 24 hours (per day). Second – you have to check the app daily which means you get points to open the app every day at least once. The third is referring, you need to invite other people to join BuzzBreak. Note: You do not get any cash for clicking ads.

You can cash out the payment from PayPal and other payment methods that might be available for your country. BuzzBreak won’t pay its user who breaks the terms and condition or do fraud & unlawful activities. Never try to cheat the app using an auto clicker or any other way. In such a case, your account will be terminated and won’t receive any payout.

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