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It’s always great to have a more passive income stream to increase your earning but what’s more interesting is you don’t have to work at all. Yeah! you heard me right, you can make money online just by sharing your internet bandwidth.

Just sell internet bandwidth to earn money sitting on your couch. All you do is create an account, download and run the application. It is a simple money making option that anybody can begin very quickly.

I know it won’t make you rich but a little bit of side income is good, especially when you do not have to spend time on the app. It’s better to know more ways to make money online even if it pays a few cents.

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The following applications provide services to sell internet bandwidth which allows users to earn money without working. You are making your internet connection work for you to earn passive income by simply sharing your bandwidth.


Why not make the most of your internet by placing your unused bandwidth to good use? Earnapp is expected to expand quicker in 2021, providing you with a chance to earn money by selling internet bandwidth. I was upset because it was only available in a few countries at the time, but it is now available worldwide.

EarnApp is officially available for Windows, Mac(Beta Version), Linux/Raspberry Pi, and will be accessible for Android in the near future. Earnapp offers to pay through PayPal and Amazon gift cards as well as the option to donate to a charity of your choice. When a user’s balance reaches $5 via PayPal or $25 via an Amazon gift card, they will be paid.

EarnApp looks for the best possible network so using any kind of VPNs, Proxies or other bandwidth sharing apps on your PC might cause your IP to be flagged and won’t be eligible to sell internet bandwidth on the EarnApp network. If you are using other earning apps on your PC better remove other apps before running the Earnapp application.

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IPRoyal Pawns (Sell Internet Bandwidth)

Grow your income while running your computer even while doing your office work, watching videos or just doing your daily activities. Anyone can effortlessly make a passive income through IPRoyal and run the app without any security risks. IPRoyal has been serving the best network of proxies for years but they came up with the suggestion to allow users to earn profit by sharing data in 2020 with a service named IPRoyal Pawns.

Download Available for Windows and Mac OS
Payment Method –  PayPal and Bitcoin
The minimum payout is $5 for PayPal and Bitcoin. However, a $1.5 fee is applied so you will receive $3.5 in your bitcoin wallet. Yet if you use Bitlocus account to receive payment, no fee will be applied. As for PayPal, your account must be verified to receive your payment.

How to run IPRoyal Pawns?

Normally we download the application and run it from either a desktop shortcut or start menu but you won’t find the app over there. Once you create an account and sign-in in IPRoyal you will get a download option in the menu. Choose your operating system and download the application.

Go to C drive > Program Files (x86) >IPRoyalPawns > iproyal_pawns(application)

Open the application then fill in your username and password to log in. After a few seconds app will start running in the background. In order to run the app easily without going to the folders every day you can pin it to the taskbar or start.

How to increase your earnings in IPRoyal Pawns?

It is simply an app that you open and run in the background that increases your balance until you close from the background running apps. It’s simple as that right! so along with that, you can grow your balance from an affiliate program where you will receive a 10% payout amount from every invited user. Isn’t that great as their minimum payment is just $5. If you want more money in your balance, just invite more people. Let your close ones know about the app.

Things you should not do

You should not be VPN connected while running the IPRoyal Pawns. You can only have one device per IP address which means you should not create more than one account from the same IP address. Your IP address should be residential.

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PacketStream (Peer-To-Peer Bandwidth Sharing)

PacketStream is a P2P proxy network in which you get payback for sharing your internet bandwidth on the PacketStream network which authorizes others to access the internet through a secure network. PacketStream allows users to keep their web browsing private and it also allows customers to get access geo-restricted contents.

You will earn $0.10 per GB as you sell internet bandwidth whereas it cost $1 per GB for the buyers who buy bandwidth to access the residential proxy network. Earning is a bit slow so it might take a long time to reach minimum payout though it might depend on your internet connection and geo-location.

The minimum payout is $5 with a 3% fee in cashout, while PayPal is the only option to receive the payment. PacketStream is available for all operating systems (Windows, Mac & Linux).

It is better to stay with one device per network cause if you run on an app on more devices with one network then you might see less growth in your earning.

Who buys bandwidth?

Anyone can buy the bandwidth from PacketStream but businesses companies are the main customers that buy internet bandwidth to test their services which is also very common with all services that sell internet bandwidth. VPN can be detected and get an IP ban so they buy a residential proxy network.

How to increase money?

Being the Packeters, you can increase money from the referral program so join today and let your friends know about it too. All you need to do is to share your referral link so they can earn some free money without a work and you too. Once they receive their payout you also receive a small portion of their income. Therefore, you receive 3% of earnings for a lifetime from those who sign up using your referral link. Limited-Time 20% Referral Bonus is out there for while to increase your earning.

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The most popular app that allow users to make money online selling internet bandwidth. Any one can earn money from their home without any security threats through honeygain app, all you do is sign-up and run app. Honeygain is no different from any other application listed above, their job is to buy and sell internet bandwidth.

Every day you can take your chance and get some Honeygain credits to your account by opening the Honey Jar. Credits will be added to the current balance, it will help you increase your balance.

Honeygain also serves referral program where you will receive 10% of earning from those who use your referral link plus those users will also get $5 in their current balance. Invite your friends and family to join Honeygain and earn more credits. Yet if users do not share their internet bandwidth with Honeygain nobody receives their bonus.

Payout Details

The minimum payout is $20 whereas payment methods are PayPal and Bitcoin. You won’t see any withdraw button until you reach the minimum threshold. Once you reach $20, you can request your payout. If you stop using Honeygain for 6 months, your credits will be expired.

The payout from bitcoin from is much better than PayPal cause you won’t have to pay any fee in Bitcoin. If you choose PayPal, you have to pay the fee of $1. Moreover, US resident has to pay plus 2% along with fee.

It is difficult to reach the minimum payout of $20 unless you have unlimited internet bandwidth and large number of referrals. As Honeygain is growing bigger and popular among passive income platforms, it is really getting difficult to get credits.

Honeygain automatically regulates needed traffic from your country and shares internet bandwidth to their clients, so it depends on the geo-location as well when it comes to internet sharing.

Honeygain platforms (Devices)

Honeygain application is available for Android, Windows, and macOS. Even though the app is not officially available for Linux OS yet users can run the app using WINE. Unlike Android devices, iOS/iPad doesn’t have background service features that authorize the application to continue its work in the background. There might never be an app for iOS ever.

What Honeygain doesn’t recommend

If you try to cheat the system of Honeygain, your account will be suspended. You should know how to avoid account ban. Use of VPS, VMs, Emulators and Dual app/App cloner will get your account suspended through fraud-prevention algorithms. Use of VPN while running Honeygain may not be harmful to your account but it won’t give you any credits which means no earning.

Delete Honeygain account

Try the Honeygain app to sell internet bandwidth, if it doesn’t work you can just delete your account contacting through email asking for account removal – Once the account is removed, you won’t be able to sign-up through the same email again.

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Nanowire (Buy and Sell Internet Bandwidth)

Anyone can buy or sell unused internet bandwidth in Nanowire, it is based on crypto so you will earn Nano currency not in dollar. When you sell 1 GB of bandwidth you will receive $0.50 USD of Nano. Nanowire is bit different from other application above, you can’t directly run. The app is available for Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

How to run? First register and sign-in the account then follow the instructions. If the process doesn’t work then take a look at the image below.

I personally do not recommend this app cause it only works when buyers connect with your internet which means even if you run an app for the whole day you might not get any earnings. Payment is also in Nano currency only which many users are not familiar with. If you wanna use this go ahead but you must have some basic crypto knowledge.

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Mysterium Network

Mysterium is a growing worldwide decentralized network of residential IPs working since 2019. You can make money online by sharing your internet with Mysterium Node, a software to rent your bandwidth. Mysterium is available in these platforms – Linux, Docker and Raspberry Pi.

Mysterium network’s earning will be in MYST (ERC-20) tokens, which is based on Ethereum blockchain smart contract. This app is preferred to those who use cryptocurrency and Linux OS.

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Get paid for sharing your internet with Privatix which is powered by P2P Network on ethereum blockchain. It is similar to Nanowire and Mysterium which is paid through crypto. Privatix has its own crypto token PRIX ERC20 (Ethereum). Privatix Network download Platform – Ubuntu (Linux), Windows 10 and macOS.

The value of Privatix is $0.05 on this day which is very low compare to a few years before. In 2018, the price of Privatix reached its height value of $19 but in 2021 it doesn’t seem to be working great at all.

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Why IPRoyal is best to sell internet bandwidth?

IPRoyal chooses their clients wisely, as clients have to upload their passports and selfie to certify accounts. IPRoyal team will be monitoring their client’s activities, if any suspicious is detected then the client’s account will be suspended until the client explain their actions. They believe in full transparency and an open community, which provide good security to the sellers. Everybody earns a good amount and reaching payout takes a few days. If you are a Honeygain user, you know it takes months to reach the minimum balance. IPRoyal is far better than Honeygain and Packetstream, which is what I believe and recommend you guys to join too.

Join the Service That Pays to Share Your Internet

Everybody is searching for a simple mode to make additional money that really brings in cash while you rest. These applications can easily increase your income while you are having fun. You are paying for your internet connection as of now; it’s an ideal opportunity for you to get a portion of that cashback. Many have already joined these services what’s stopping you, join today and take full advantage of your internet.

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Make money from your PC with unused internet bandwidth using the full potential of an internet connection.