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What is is the android app that pays you to earn passively through the SMS which you do not use. This app will use your SIM Card to send standard SMS to other sim cards in your country like sending verification code. You will be paid per each SMS sent through the system of this app.

How To Download

  1. Go to
  3. Install the apk in your device
    Remember to select ‘Download from unknown source’ in your device settings.

Also select as your default messaging app

When you open the app, you will see the screen to login or register. Click on the register being the first time user to start earning through your unused SMS.

Write your personal data with your name, country, mobile number, valid email address and password. If the app is recommended to you, app will automatically put the referral code of that user. All you need to do is to accept the terms and condition then click on Register.

How can I configure my SIM card

Click on the edit configure your SIM card then keep the SIM status active. You can also change the name of the SIM. In SIM Status, you can see the options if you do not want to use Simcash for a bit – you can select ‘Not Active‘ till you want.

In the edit destinations, you can select which country you want to send SMS. If you have an international mobile plan, you can select more than one destination. Make sure to check mobile offer to avoid high costs/bills.

Next, in edit limits you can set your limits according to your mobile plan – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. If you have unlimited SMS, then you can select “No limits” in each field. In case of not having unlimited SMS, you can select number of SMS which system can send from your SMS. If everything is set click continue.

If the destinations and limit are all done then just click on the Update SIM.

Note: After 3 red squares, your sim card will be automatically paused

How to withdraw money from simcash

  1. Click on Request Payout
  2. Choose the transfer option(simcash transfer,cryptocurrency transfer or bank wire transfer)
    SIMCASH: Min payout – 1 euro, fee – free
    CRYPTOCURRENCY: XRP(Min payout – 6 euro, fee – free), USDT(Min payout – 15 euro, fee – 2 euro) and BTC – (Min payout – 20 euro, fee – 5 euro)
    BANK WIRE:EURO (Min payout – 50 euro, fee – 10 euro), US DOLLAR (Min payout – 50 euro, fee – 15 euro)
  3. Continue

Remember : Email confirmation is required for every withdrawal

While closing the app, it shows 3 option – Logout, Keep working in background and Cancel. In order to keep earning click on the second option.

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