Spotify Playlist – How To Create, Recover & Earn From Playlist

by | Oct 24, 2020 | How To

Download the Spotify app to listen to music from worldwide artists. Spotify Playlist helps a lot to get the best music out there. Just choose the genre and the list of playlists will popup for you. Indeed you can create your own playlist, either you can make it private or public it is your own choice.

How To Create Spotify Playlist

If you want to create a Spotify playlist, you can do so from a browser, mobile, or desktop app. ‘Create Playlist or New Playlist‘ this text can be seen without any problem just after you open the app or web player. Only in the mobile app first, you have to go to your library then you get to create playlist.

spotify playlist

Another easy way to create a playlist is through music options. Listen to music, liked it, and want it in the playlist. Just go to more option > Add to playlist > New Playlist. Write down the playlist name & done.

Even though you can create a playlist from anywhere but it is better to create a Spotify playlist from a desktop app. Why? You can create a playlist with a name, description, and playlist cover picture. You can’t add a picture and description from a mobile or web player. Only a desktop app has these features.

How To Recover Your Deleted Playlist

It sucks when somehow your Spotify playlist gets unintentionally deleted. It could give you a headache when you think of a huge number of your favorite music gone just like that. No need to panic cause your deleted playlist can easily be recovered.

Spotify playlist can not be recovered from your mobile or desktop app which means you need to open your browser and log in to the Spotify account.

Open your Spotify account that takes you to an Account overview. If you take a look at the left side of the menu section, you can see Recover playlists indeed. Jump to the recover section and see which playlist you’re looking for then click on RESTORE to recover your playlist.

Playlist Push – Earn Money from Spotify Playlist

Every artist gets paid for their music from Spotify but do you know even a Spotify user can earn money from their playlist. Wanna know how? Playlist Push, yes from the playlist push you can earn money from Spotify playlist.

Playlist push is a platform where independent music artists can get their music on the playlists to let playlist followers discover new music. The playlist owner reviews the music for playlist consideration and helps the new artist to set up their career. As the playlist owner, you get paid to listen and review the music.

Playlist Push connects independent artists to playlist curators. It really helps to take music to the next level and be connected with awesome Spotify curators.

It requires more than 1000+ followers to join the Playlist push. If you have reached the requirement then start to earn some money and help the artist to get recognized. Playlist push also got an affiliate program which means more ways to earn money. Why just create a playlist, generate some income as well.

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