International Payment Services Removed from UnelmaPay

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Local Blog(NP)

Yes, UnelmaPay no longer supports international payment service which means users can not make any transaction through Payeer, PayPal or Payoneer. Along with the payment service, currency exchange has also been removed from the website. The website domain has also been changed from to

UnelmaPay was the only platform for people of Nepal to make international transactions from various e-wallets/online service. It was easy to withdraw money in the bank account of online earnings but now it might get difficult to do any such transaction.

UnelmaPay hasn’t made any official announcement on the international payment service, currently their site is in the maintenance mode. We will inform you — Says Unelmapay, when asked on the issue of international payment service.

UnelmaPay was running the service without a license from the central bank which is the main reason why users were able to do the international transaction. Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) had issued a notice after companies like UnelmaPay operating without a license from NRB.

International Payment Services Removed from UnelmaPay

The company was operating the service illegally in the past so if they legalize the company, there won’t be any international payment services. It is the truth, the company was not a trustful source as their name has been e-khalti in the past and now as UnelmaPay. Yet till this date, we have not seen any money fraud from the company. I just hope we can see those days sooner, when people can do international transaction easily without any difficulty.

Before UnelmaPay, people were able to withdraw money from Skrill through eSewa. Later, when cryptocurrency was banned in Nepal, the service was removed from eSewa. Recently, NRB has approved to bring International Payment Card so hopefully soon we can do international payments.

If you have a crypto coins then you can send money to Paxful and withdraw in eSewa. Those who are trying to withdraw bitcoin can use Paxful, users can buy and sell as they like. It is a open market where common people trade with each other. Unelmapay’s international payment services have been removed but new option will keep rising.

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