Unelmapay – Online Payment Gateway Platform For Nepal

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In Nepal, there is no service like Unelmapay (UPay) previously known as e-khalti which provide international online payment solution. It is a great platform for Nepalese to exchange currencies, withdrawal, and deposit from the various online wallets and online payment systems like PayPal, Payoneer, Payeer, Perfect Money, and many more.

There are various other online wallets like Esewa, Khalti, IME Pay then what makes Unelmapay so different and why should we create an account in Unelmapay. The main feature that makes it different is an international transaction. No other online wallet provides such service in Nepal. Things are much easier for the online earner to receive or withdraw the payment.

  • Digital payment wallet
  • Support International Payment System
  • Receive online earning
  • Cashback offers
unelmapay withdraw from payeer;
payeer > unelmapay > Bank Deposit

Along with the international transaction, users can top-up the mobile balance for prepaid and postpaid, pay the utility bills like water, electricity, and internet bills. You can also get a cashback in some payment which is awesome. In order to pay within the country, you need Nepalese currency (NRS). In case you got the only USD then the currency must be exchanged to NRS.

How To Create Verified Unelmapay Account

  1. Open the Unelmapay
  2. Fill up the form with your username, email + more
  3. Click on Register
  4. Confirm Email
  5. Complete standard verification & extended verification
  6. Done 😀

Once the account is created, your account needs to be verified so you have to check your mail. You will receive mail from Unelmapay to verify your account. All you need to do is click on Confirm email and the account will be verified. Now you can log in and use Unelmapay.

Account verification is not complete until you fill the verification section in account settings. If the email is verified, log in to your account and click on account settings. Then you can click on the verification and fill up the information. Fill the information – company name, country, zip code/postcode, city, address, and phone. Once you complete the detail click on the save button. REMINDER – You must fill the info that has * sign. If you complete the standard verification, its time to go for extended verification.

In extended verification, you need to upload your scanned copy of identity card like passport, driving license, and citizenship. The file should be in jpg, gif, or png format and it should be less than 5MB. Next is address verification, you need to show the scanned copy of the utility bill that has your name and address printed on them. You can click on save, it will take some time to be verified. You will be notified through email either info are correct or not. If everything is correct then your extended verification will be verified and show a green tick mark.


How To Get Technical Support From Unelmapay

If you are having a problem with Unelmapay you can get the solution within the website. You can ask questions by creating a ticket. To create ticket click on support then click on the New ticket. Now write down the title of the ticket and then tell your problem in the message. Click on save and wait for the response. Another option to get support from Unelmapay is to get in touch through Facebook.

How to Load Money in UnelmaPay Account

There are numerous ways to load money in your UnelmaPay account. At this time you can load money from your Bank account, Paypal, Perfect Money, ADV Cash, Payeer, Esewa, SCT Card, and ConnectIPS.

If you have a problem with the money to deposit in UnelmaPay, let’s go step by step. Here we load money from Bank Account.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Load Fund
  3. Enter the balance you want to deposit in Amount transfer
  4. Choose the currency ‘NPR’ for Bank Transfer
  5. Click on Bank Transfer (Automatic)
  6. Click on Send Money
  7. Select your Bank from the list (mobile banking/e-banking)
  8. Click Confirm

Once you confirm, a new page will be opened linked with the bank. Fill the details and login then you will receive one-time-password (OTP) in your device linked with mobile banking. You have to write down the code in the OTP section and click on Pay. You will receive your balance in UnelmaPay. If things don’t go well take their support and solve the problem.

In case you choose other options like PayPal or Payeer rather than Bank account then things would be a little different from no.4 of choosing currency.

How To Withdraw Money into Bank Account

If you want to receive your online earning money into your bank account without any problem then UnelmaPay is the best option. Even you can earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, then later convert them in USD through Payeer and deposit them in the UnelmaPay account and withdraw in your Bank Account.

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It doesn’t matter from where the transaction is made, once it is deposited in Unelmapay you can withdraw. As the transaction is done through an international platform like Payeer, the currency would be in USD, Euro, or other currency. Currency needs to be exchanged with NPR before withdrawing to a bank account.

In addition, you need to fill the billing settings. As for the process go to Account settings > Billing settings > At the end of the page with SWIFT sign fill the bank details and save it. Things necessary for bank details are the name of the bank, account number, and name of account holder. You can also write a SWIFT Code if you wish to add.

  1. Exchange currency to NPR (Base Currency)
  2. Click on Withdraw button
  3. Write the amount in Amount transfer & currency option must be NPR
  4. Click on Bank transfer then Send money
  5. Confirm the money transfer (It might take 1 business day)
  6. Status – Pending till money transferred in a bank account.

How To Exchange Currency in UPay

Exchanging currency through Upay is much easier and simple. You can exchange foreign currency into NPR (Nepalese currency) and vise versa. The currencies that can be exchanged besides NPR are INR, USD, AUD, EUR, and GBP.

Exchange to base currency

Simply click on the Currency Exchange to convert the currency. You will see the Exchange of base currency and Exchange to base currency. Here, the base currency is NPR so choose accordingly. Choose the amount exchange and currency of your requirement then click on the Check calculation. You can see all the details like fee and its rate, amount you get after exchanging currency. So click on confirm to complete the exchange.

Refer and Earn Free Money

UnelmaPay also provides a referral program from which you can earn money just for inviting friends to use UnelmaPay. If you want to get your referral link go to account settings then click on refer and earn. You can copy the link and share it with friends and family. If people create an account through your link you will receive up to 35 NPR in each referral.

You can use the money to top-up your mobile or you can withdraw to your bank. The more you refer the more you earn so use UnelmaPay and let others join as well.

You get 10 NPR per registration, 15 NPR for money load (min of 100 NPR must be loaded), and 10 NPR for the transaction (min of 100 NPR transaction).

Haven’t you create the UnelmaPay account yet? You are just one click away – click here to create an account now. It is beneficial for online purposes like paying bills, mobile recharge with cashback offers, sending, and receiving money from different online wallets.

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