How To Make A Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash Drive

by | May 28, 2020 | How To

Do you want to upgrade your OS or just want to reboot your computer, you can do it yourself and no need of professionals. All you need is a ISO file, and pendrive of size larger than the ISO file. In order to make a windows 10 bootable, you’re gonna need a Windows 10 so go the official Microsoft website and download as it is free. If you wanna know how to download windows 10 easily, do check out the links recommended below.

> Download Windows 10 ISO File Without Media Creation Tool
> How To Activate Windows 10 For Free

First you need to download ISO file and you might need atleast 8GB Pendrive as new windows 10 size is above 5GB. Furthermore to create windows 10 bootable, a software is required. Here we use Rufus to make a windows 10 bootable usb flash drive.

Create Windows 10 Bootable With Rufus

First download Rufus [ ] which size is only 1.1 MB for current version 3.10 so it can be downloaded within few second. I recommend to download Portable version as it save us from installation part. Rufus is not just for Windows 10 bootable but also for other Windows & Linux as well.

1. Download Rufus & open it
2. Insert Pendrive of 8gb for windows 10
3. In Boot selection > click select > choose ISO fie
4. Click Start

Windows 10 size is above 4gb so we need atleast 8gb penrive. Insert USB flash drive and open the tool. Flash drive will be seen in device section. If you insert multiple pendrive, choose your device accordingly. Also do format the flash drive.

Now select your ISO file from where ever you have kept it. Do not change any setting in the Rufus. Just click on the start button. So it will now start coping the file to usb flash drive and make it bootable. It will take some time to be bootable so once it is complete it’s ready to use.

Rufus is not the only tool to make a ISO file bootable. There are other alternative of Rufus like UNetbootinUniversal USB Installer. If you want to know more on other alternative click here.

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