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by | Nov 4, 2020 | Make Money Online

Is it a legit app to earn money is something everybody wants to know and surf for its reviews on the internet. If you go to the play store and search for AA Music, you can see lots of bad reviews with fewer stars but do not judge the app without trying yourself. AA Music is a legit app that pays its users for listening to music but why it has bad reviews, learn everything you need to know on the app here.

About AA Music

AA Music is a service developed for music lovers where they can get some rewards for the time which they spend on music streaming platform listening to playlist suggested by AA Music. You get rewarded for each and every minute of your time in points that can be redeemed later.

It is available worldwide so as long as your country supports the listed music stream service(Spotify, Deezer Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Napster), the app will work. The users of Apple Music can earn more points than Spotify users. Generally, there are no exact points you will be receiving, it all depends on the country and streaming service you choose. USA, Canada, Australia will receive more points than other countries.

Download the App from Google Play Store to earn some passive income. It’s quite a new app so it’s still in developing mode and we might have to wait for the iOS app to arrive.

You can run the app for a time limit of 7 to 9 hours a day per device/per stream service account. If you go beyond the time limit, you won’t earn points for extra time. From the single IP address, you can use up to four devices at once.

AA Music App payment

Payment Info

Payout is done on the net-60 basis which means you will receive your payment after 60 days of your payout request. If you request your payment in January then you will receive it in April. You can withdraw payment only in PayPal and Amazon Gift Card. The minimum withdrawal amount for Amazon is 1 USD and 5 USD for PayPal.

Things to know

If you want to run your app smoothly without any problem then you should know; the use of emulators, VPN, or proxy servers is prohibited. Spamming and using bots & automatic registrations to generate fake referrals is also banned.

Free Spotify account will earn twice lesser than the paid account. You need to turn on your Broadcast on Spotify to earn points. You will find it in the settings of Spotify.

Referral Program

You will receive 200 points for every user who will join from your referral code. You won’t get all the points at the same time, first, you get 10 points right after they join, and the rest 190 will be sent only after the user reaches level 2. You can join through my referral code GNyZXJ.

Why AA Music paused for several months

AA Music app was paused for some months due to force major which also led pending payout to be stopped until things don’t clear out and know, how to facilitate the app. According to AA Music, the situation turned out far off their control; a rise in fraud activities, a small list of music with large incompatibility in numbers of streams from streaming platforms, and resulting mass debt to users, are some of the reasons that brought this situation.

App got lots of bad reviews cause of these problems, many were frustrated and unsatisfied as they didn’t get paid for the time spent on the app. AA Music app was going on loss and now the team of Cashmagnet app owns the AA Music. If you know cashmagnet app, it’s one of the legit paying apps and as AA Music is now managed by their team the app is getting a positive response.

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