Loginhood – Chrome Extension To Earn Money Selling Data

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Make Money Online

Loginhood is a unique platform where you can earn money from your data. Why so unique? Unlike other companies/services, Loginhood runs as a browser extension, not an app. Moving further, the only sad part is users can sign up only from US country, even VPN won’t work. Download chrome extension from the web store to start earning rewards.

Why & How to Join Loginhood

Go to the website, you would see add to chrome for consumers. Download the extension and create an account then log-in. It’s simple right! Once you log-in you can take full control over your data.

Loginhood will stop more than 500+ companies from tracking you and block collecting your data. You as a consumer will have control over your privacy and data collection. Those companies sell your data and earn money from them so why not change the action and get yourself paid for your own data.

Companies will pay you to get your data in use for their own benefit. Every time your data is sold you get paid, you get to choose what type of data you wanna share and data to keep youself.

Loginhood provides tools to manage data, they give you full control to your data. Loginhood never stand in the way of you and your privacy so no worries, download the extension and start earning.

If you believe, you will be rich with this then I’m sorry to tell you, you would not make high amounts of money. It’s just like having extra money in your pocket.

Payment Proof

It is always great to get paid for your data instead of someone else making money of you even though it’s just a few amounts, something is always better than nothing. If you’re someone who hardly ever uses a browser or just runs the same sites daily then it might be difficult for you to earn money from your data.

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